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Agent Spotlight – Michael Williams

Michael Williams is a Veteran Marine, and also has a BS in Enviromental Science

Fun Fact #1: Michael is Tina Turner’s #1 fan.
Fun Fact #2: He jumps out of bed at 5AM every day!

Call/text Michael at 208-699-3513

Where are you from? Buncombe County, NC
Favorite North Idaho neighborhood and why: Fernan area, because it has a good kayak launch and fishing area. It’s also a close knit neighborhood with great views.
Favorite restaurant and why: Shiki’s sushi
Favorite summertime activity: Shed hunting
Favorite winter activity: Snow shoeing
Favorite local business besides LPG: BBB Guns
Why do you love Idaho? The state that allows me to best express my spirit animal Favorite park or trail: I make my own trails…. otherwise the Hiawatha 
Favorite local event: Live at 5
What is Idaho’s best kept secret? Everyone loves animals here (especially dogs) You have to get a dog when you cross the border
Tell us a little about your wife and why they are your partner in life: Because she has the best interest rates in town (she’s a mortgage broker).  
What are you afraid of? Solar flares
Funniest thing to happen during a home showing/tour? A moose walked up to the front door while we were showing.
Favorite cheese and why? Smoked Gouda, cause it’s so gooda!
Favorite type of potato, and how prepared? I thought all potatoes came from Idaho….Cubed fried up 
Favorite charity? Tunnel of the Towers (pays for homes/mortgages for veterans, cops, firefighter, etc.) 
If you weren’t selling real estate you would be… a wildlife biologist.
What song is your life anthem? Tina Turner “Simply the Best”
What is something that we don’t know about you? I’ve always wanted to learn to do pottery

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