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Dogs of Link Properties Group

Let’s get personal: Who are Dogs of Link Properties Group?

We love animals, but dogs seem to be the most prevalent amongst the team members. Scroll to meet the dogs behind the agents!

Meet Betty, Greg’s Labradoodle!

Betty loves to visit the office!

Meet Bunker, Jerry’s German Shepherd!

Bunk loves ice cream almost as much as he loves Jerry!

Meet Merlin & Napoleon, Bobby’s Golden Retriever and Brittany Spaniel/Jack Russel!

Meet Lucas & Grizzie, Juliana’s Australian Shepherds!

Lucas and Grizzie are brothers who like to play rough with each other!

Meet Jolene, Paige’s Boxer!

Jolene acts like the queen of the house and sometimes sneaks on the couch!

Meet Gus, Elyse’s German Shepherd!

Gus is one of the most well behaved pups ever!

Meet Freya, Elizabeth’s German Shepherd

Freya is a big sissy, but has a lot of love to give!

RIP to Karen’s Suggles!

Snuggles was a good, cuddly dog, who is missed by many.

Apparently we like German Shepherds?

We have even more pets than this, ranging from cats to lizards to maybe some rescued baby chipmunks, but that may be for another time!

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