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Finding a real estate agent in North Idaho


We help over a hundred families with real estate every year.


You’ve been looking at local real estate listings, saving up for a down payment, and perhaps getting your current home ready to hit the market.  You are about to take the next step – finding a local real estate agent to represent you.

How do you choose someone to trust with one of the biggest financial transactions of your life?



Find an agent who has your family’s best interest in mind.




  1. Experience: Has the agent had a range of experience with different types of real estate sales? If not, does the agent have an experienced team of mentors and support staff to make sure your best interests are served? While everyone has to start somewhere, there is a big difference between going it alone when you are new and having the guidance of other experienced agents.
  2. Availability: Is the agent a full time agent or is this a “side hustle” to make extra cash on the side? Are you okay with waiting until the weekend to see a new listing that fits your criteria?
  3. Attention to details: Everyone is so busy today, and it seems with all of the technology meant to make our lives more simple it can actually become more complicated! Some agents have support staff to double check their documents, timelines, and calendars to make sure nothing is overlooked and that urgent matters get taken care of – even if the
    agent is on the road showing houses.
  4. Local knowledge: Does the agent have a deep knowledge of local neighborhoods? Some agents are so in tune with the market that they have likely already seen a particular house that caught your eye and can save you time by telling you what’s not in the online listing or professional photos.
  5. Likability: You’re probably going to be spending a good amount of time working with this person – perhaps even logging hours of drive time with them! It’s important to be able to enjoy speaking with them and having someone willing to take the time to talk you through your available options, strategies, and pros/cons.
  6. Referrals: Don’t be shy about asking for references! Most agents will be happy to pass along testimonials or even contact info for past clients.

    Our admin team has years of real estate support experience! Quite possibly the most experienced admin team in the area, with experience ranging from 3+ years to over 14 years.
  7. Does the agent have the ability to send you listings via email as soon as they hit the market? Are they proficient in sending documents to you online for virtual signing in order to meet competitive deadlines?

We invite you to meet our team of experienced real estate professionals. Our team is compromised of full-time agents who focus on customer service and dedicate their time to knowing our local real estate market inside and out.

See our agents here and give them a call with any questions that you may have!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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