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How to win in a North Idaho’s fast-paced real estate market

Our local real estate market is currently experiencing low inventory in certain price ranges and neighborhoods, requiring buyers to make quick decisions with less choices. This can be a very stressful situation, especially when in multiple offer situations!
Follow these easy tips for the best chance for getting your dream house in North Idaho:

1.First and foremost, rely on Link Properties Group. We have a team of real estate experts constantly looking out for our clients and immediately alerting them to upcoming listings, sometimes before they are even advertised to the public! Our website,, is also updated 24/7 and is proven to be more accurate then many of the nation-wide real estate sites.

On other sites, online information can be out of date or just plain
inaccurate. Our local team is best resource in our
fast moving market. Nothing can replace the human
face and professional knowledge we can provide for
the biggest purchase of your life.

2.Commit to being on call and prepared for every
showing. Have your pre-approval letter and proof of
funds ready at a moment’s notice. Let us know if need some recommendations for the best lender for your situation.

3.Big changes can reflect negatively on your financial stability during a real estate transaction. A new job or marital status should wait until after closing if possible (but it’s not necessarily a deal -killer with the right lender!). Major purchases can jeopardize your financing, so save that new furniture and appliances for after your deal is done!

4.Cast a wide net as you search and don’t wait to hook the perfect house –
there is no such thing. We can help you figure out the must-haves! If your choices are limited, consider homes outside prime locations and we can help you find solutions to potential obstacles.

5.As you approach an agreement, reconsider the “ifs.” Especially in a multiple offer situation. Contingencies can make sellers inclined to consider other offers with fewer hurdles. Also, be wise
and aggressive in your negotiating. A seller’s market is no time to bring
in super low offers.

Buying a home is a big decision. You may need to act fast in a seller’s market. Trust yourself and our team of local experts. Now, let’s get home-hunting!

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