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Idaho was 2017’s fastest growing state – what does that mean for us?

There has been a lot of buzz recently with the news that Idaho was the fastest growing state in 2017.  All signs indicate that the momentum isn’t slowing down in 2018 either! Here at Link Properties Group we have the opportunity to help many people relocating here from out of state, which allows us to gain insight on why Idaho has been gaining popularity. The reasons vary, including lower cost of living, retirement, increasing state regulations and taxes in other states, and the wonderful outdoor Idaho lifestyle.  Buy Specialist Amy McKenzie noted, “Many people who have vacationed here in the summers have finally been able to move here year-round.”

We’ve also had more companies relocating to the region, and lots of residential development to keep up with the demand. This has had a domino affect for the outlying areas of Kootenai county, with Rathdrum, Spirit Lake, and Athol seeing a high demand for real estate. Last year, Spirit Lake put into affect a building moratorium on new construction to give the city a chance to keep up with all of the new houses being built! It is certainly an exciting time to be in North Idaho!

While the real estate market has been robust, although challenging at times with low supply, a big concern is how do we keep up with the population growth while maintaining our wonderful community and keeping what we love about North Idaho intact? That is the question on many people’s mind. We would love to be your resource on what’s in store for our local area. We keep our fingers on the pulse of new businesses relocating here, new residential developments in the works, what residents are looking for in their new found home, and what challenges are surfacing (and what the possible solutions could be).


We’d love to hear your thoughts, concerns, or questions (208-661-5524). We look forward to keeping you updated on what’s happening in our region!

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