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Is owning a home your New Year’s resolution?

New Year… New Home It’s January, so that means it is time for New Year’s resolutions for many people. Many will set goals to lose weight, quit bad habits, get outside more and many other worthwhile objectives. A new year is all about new beginnings, but how long will they be sustained? There is one New Year’s resolution that can help you complete other resolutions and significantly improve your lifestyle… buying a home!

Buying a home can improve your life in many ways. Often a home payment is cheaper than rent and will leave you with more money to invest in yourself, as well as the wealth you are building in the home. A whopping 87% of consumers believe home ownership is part of the American dream! Having your own place, while also saving money on payments and building equity in yourself, will improve your quality of life. Safety and self-actualization are two basic human needs and owning a home will help fulfill these needs in your life.benefits-of-home-ownership

Not only does buying a home improve your life, but it will improve the lives of the community you live in and your family’s lives. Studies have shown that owning your own home helps to improve children’s education, and buying a home directly impacts communities by creating new jobs and supporting community growth.

One main reason to buy a new home as your resolution is for the freedom that comes with owning your own home. Have a resolution to hit the gym more? Easy, build a gym in a room in your home or in your garage. Want to become more handy? Buy a home with a shop or build one yourself. Want to spend more time outside? Buy a home around hiking trails or build yourself an outdoor patio to enjoy. You can do whatever you want to your own home without having to worry about anyone telling you it isn’t allowed or that you have to fi x it!

Now is a great time to buy with many options (even 0%) for down payments. Make buying a home your New Year’s resolution and start on the path that is best for you, your family and the community.

It starts with looking. See the most up-to date listings in North Idaho on our website – It’s free and obligation-free! Or call one of our experienced Buyer Specialists for a free home buyer consultation (208-661-4749) We look forward to helping you!


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