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LPG Team Spotlight- Bobby

Bobby is a jack of all trades, former semi pro football player, pastor, fire department chaplain and scooter extraordinaire.

Fun Fact #1: Bobby loves listening to Rihanna!

Call/text Bobby at 208-290-3938

Favorite restaurant and why: Crafted: close to my house and has a good old fashioned. 

Favorite summertime activity: lake activities!

Favorite winter activity:  television.

Favorite local business besides LPG: Archwood Hall Wedding and Event Center.

Why do you love Idaho? Beautiful and free.

Favorite park or trail: Mineral Ridge.

Favorite local event: Live After 5 and Car d’Lane.  

What is Idaho’s best kept secret? Lions Head at Priest Lake (shhhhhh).

Tell us about your family: I have two teenagers so it’s kinda a crap shoot right now. 

If you have a significant other, tell us a little about them and why they are your partner in life: She is the best woman in the world, a talented musician and songwriter as well.

What makes you weird ? I’m me. 

What are you afraid of? Bees and the dentist.

Funniest thing to happen during a home showing/tour? 7 kids climbing through the windows. 

Why are you a part of LPG? Best team in the universe. Great leaders and we work hard and play harder.

What is your favorite vacation of all time? Banff during winter. 

Favorite cheese and why? Pepper Jack, cause it’s spicy. 

Favorite type of potato, and how prepared?  Hash browns well done. 

Favorite charity? – New Covenant Missions.

If you weren’t selling real estate you would be……   a pastor… again

Your worst job ever: worst one I’ve ever had is… well actually I’ve learned something in each of my jobs. 

What song is your life anthem? Live like you were dying. 

What do you want to ask your fellow teammates? What is your favorite place to go to for happy hour?

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