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LPG Team Spotlight- Dana

Fun Fact #1: I have a cat that loves to eat sandwiches. He will steal an entire loaf of bread if it’s left on the counter.

Where are you from: I was born in Canada but spent most of my life in that other place that starts with a C. 

Favorite North Idaho neighborhood and why: Sanders Beach.  

Favorite summertime activity: There are so many fun summer activities here but I think my favorite was a zip-line tour we did last year. 

Favorite winter activity: Staying inside. 

Favorite local business besides LPG: Big Reds Barn is a unique local business: An indoor petting zoo that doesn’t smell like one!

Favorite park or trail: The Storybook Trail in Rathdrum is great for families and kids. It’s an easy trail through the woods, along a small stream with pages from a story along the way. You may even see a Sasquatch or 2!  

Favorite local event: I love the Downtown Wednesday Night Market. Great atmosphere with vendors and music at Live after 5.  

Tell us about your family: I have a wild 3 year old son and 3 cats. Never a dull moment at my house.

What makes you weird? I don’t really like movies. I haven’t been to a theater in years and would never choose to watch a movie over a TV show.

What is your favorite vacation of all time? My favorite vacations are always when I have the opportunity to visit my family in Canada. Other than that I loved New Orleans. It was such a fun place with tons to see and do. The alligator tour was one of the most fun things I have ever done. 10/10 would go again. 

Favorite cheese and why? Pepper jack and Brie.

Favorite type of potato, and how prepared? Mashed with gravy or chips… American chips!

What is something that we don’t know about you? I can lick my elbow.

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  • Chris & Carol Lininger
    Written on

    Hi Dana,
    We received your invitation to see a movie this Thursday, March 10th. We would love to attend. If it’s OK, we like to bring our niece & her roommate. That would mean four (4) tickets. Please confirm. Thanks!

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