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LPG Team Spotlight – Elizabeth

DID YOU KNOW? Elizabeth has been Transaction Coordinator for Link Properties Group for 6 years! Wow, that is some kind of world record!

Where are you from: CDA, IDAHOME…born CDA, brought home to Worley, lived in Rathdrum most of my life.
Favorite North Idaho neighborhood and why: Riverside Harbor is beautiful and has a great private beach.
Favorite restaurant and why: I love Mango Tree, they have the best coconut chicken and great atmosphere.
Favorite winter activity: Avoiding the cold…and if I have to go outside, sledding.
Favorite local business besides LPG: Bookishly Happy (book store)
Why do you love Idaho? I love the laid back atmosphere. Out of all of the places I’ve visited, there’s still nowhere else I’d rather be.
Favorite park or trail: Mineral Ridge is a fun trail.
What is Idaho’s best kept secret? Chilco Mountain. It is a decent hike for anyone looking for a killer view, mild effort and a love of Idaho.
Tell us about your family: My immediate family is quite close. As adults, we still get together every Sunday for family dinner and bring all of our little families with us.
What makes you weird? I can’t let my food mix, unless it had been intentionally mixed prior to being served…Thanksgiving is a plating nightmare.
What are you afraid of? I have a fear of cougars/mountain lions…and moose.
Favorite cheese and why? Give me an aged parmesan, the sweet undertones satisfy…also the Kerrygold Dubliner for the same reason.
Favorite type of potato, and how prepared? I’ve NEVER met a potato I didn’t like. I’ll never ever turn down hashbrowns and if I do, you will know that I have either been kidnapped or am being impersonated by an alien or shape shifter.
Favorite charity? Union Gospel Mission.
What song is your life anthem? Never Give Up, by Sia
What is something that we don’t know about you? I’m good enough at sewing that I have sewed my own bridesmaid’s dress that I wore in my friend’s wedding. I’m a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

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