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LPG Team Spotlight – Elyse

Elyse and Beth may be the longest running admin team in North Idaho history!

Fun Fact #1: Elyse has an identical twin sister

Call/text Elyse at 208-661-4749

Where are you from: The Florida Keys…a few of them: Big Pine Key, Ramrod Key, Cudjoe Key, and Sugarloaf
Favorite North Idaho neighborhood: Hunters Glen, I love my little neighborhood because it’s close to the river and trails, plus my neighbors are really great!
Favorite restaurant and why: I don’t get out much, Honey on Sherman is pretty delicious and has a nice ambiance! I love their shrimp and grits, and the deviled egg is MIND BLOWING.
Favorite summertime activity: Beach, please!
Favorite winter activity: Still the beach…but mostly because it’s beautiful and quiet when it snows and I can let my dog run free!
Favorite local business besides LPG: Post Falls Music Academy – they run a pretty great program there! My daughter has so much fun learning piano and performing with them.
Why do you love Idaho? I love that there is a variety of things to do from water activities to mountain climbing – and everything in between!
Favorite park or trail: The trails next to Q’emlin are pretty great, I only get lost sometimes. Luckily as long as I can find the river I know how to get back.
Favorite local event: Any festival on Schweitzer
What is Idaho’s best kept secret? CDA Cellars. Great wine and staff.
Tell us about your family: I moved here after never wanting to leave my parents’ house each time I came home to visit. After we had our first baby I knew I wanted to raise my kids here.
If you have a significant other, tell us a little about them and why they are your partner in life: My husband is a truck driver and is great because he puts up with my craziness. We make a great team! Plus I never have to drive on long trips.
What makes you weird? I’m a morning person, nothing can keep me from walking my dog at sunrise…not even sleet, ice, or smoke! Maybe a tornado.
What are you afraid of? Yellow jackets, and accidently scaring a mama moose
Why are you a part of LPG? Greg’s a great guy to work for/with, and so everyone on our team is aligned with his vision of helping people and having fun while working hard!
 What is your favorite vacation of all time? The first time I took my husband to the Country Songwriter’s Festival in Key West. We just rode around on bikes with no agenda, just to find the best sounding songwriters at different  pool and beach  bars.
Favorite cheese and why? Blue cheese, because it goes best with hot wings!
Favorite type of potato, and how prepared? Sweet potato, because it’s “healthy”? Favorite charity? Anything local that goes directly to those in need. 
If you weren’t selling real estate you would be……  a famous karaoke star.
Your worst job ever: Babysitter for a certain family with twins. The twins weren’t actually that bad, but the parents on the otherhand!….
What song is your life anthem? Noise by Kenny Chesney
What is something that we don’t know about you? I’m a pretty open book….I think everyone knows everything about me by now.

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