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Moving Checklist

Moving house can be stressful – so much to do! Here’s a checklist to help you get through it. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need referrals for a moving company, handyman, landscaper, house cleaner, etc.. We know some people!

As Soon As You know You’re Moving:

check-box Create a file or binder for documenting your moving plans, saving receipts, storing estimates and quotes, writing down measurements and so on. Attach this checklist to the front cover.

check-box Decide whether to move, clean and make repairs yourself or hire professionals. Call companies to get estimates.

check-box Gather or purchase boxes, packing materials, tape, large felt markers, scissors, bright labels, plastic sandwich bags (for small items), large freezer bags, plastic grocery bags, a pocket knife and ropes.

check-box Make travel arrangements: Mention whether you are bringing pets.

check-box Gather your legal, medical, dental, financial, vehicle, and insurance records in a safe place.

check-box Gather owner’s manuals that you might need to set up computers, home theatre systems and complex appliances. Do this in case you need to order copies.

check-box Purchase insurance coverage for valuables.

check-box Schedule the movers or a rental truck.

One Month Before Moving:

check-box Get traveler’s checks for while you’re getting settled.

check-box Contact your insurance agent to transfer coverage to your new address (life, health care, personal belongings, etc.). Make sure all coverage is in force while moving.

check-box Begin depleting canned and frozen foods.

check-box Go to your bank and find out what you need to do to transfer funds. Discuss branch options and check cashing in your new location.  Remember that online accounts often take 2 weeks to set up.

check-box Make arrangements for canceling or changing newspapers, lawn service, pool service, day care, utilities, phone, cable television, trash, gas, water, etc.

check-box File a forwarding address with your post office.

check-box Start packing things you don’t use, such as off-season clothes, decorations and so on.

check-box Get your vehicles tuned up.

check-box Send clothing, bedding, drapes to the cleaners.

check-box Back up computer files.

check-box Plan your yard sale: labels, tables, money for making change.

check-box Get all your prescriptions re-filled.

Two Weeks Before Moving:

check-box Sign up for utilities, telephone and Internet service at your new home.

check-box Call friends and family and recruit them for help.

check-box Have your yard sale.

check-box Transfer your bank accounts.

check-box Confirm travel arrangements.

check-box Check your medications to ensure that you have enough for the next 60 days.

check-box Confirm your new address with your:

check-box doctor, dentist, therapist, etc.
check-box veterinarian
check-box accountant, lawyer, financial advisor, broker
check-box cable company, telephone, utilities, Internet
check-box bank
check-box insurance companies
check-box credit card companies
check-box magazines and newspaper
check-box state and federal tax authorities
check-box employers, co-workers, friends, family
check-box professional organizations
check-box school, college, alma mater
check-box church
check-box real estate agent

check-box Clean your house, if necessary.


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