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North Idaho City Spotlight: Hauser Lake


Hauser Lake was formed by ancient floods that deposited massive amounts of glacial debris in the mountain valleys. Over the years the lake has gone though a few different names including Mud, Mudd and Sucker Lake. Around the time of silver and gold rush in North Idaho a branch line of the Northern Pacific Railroad was built by Daniel Corbin. The 13 mile line was completed in 1886 and ran from modern day Post Falls to Lake Coeur d’Alene. It is believed that Corbin named the area Hauser Junction after his good friend, business partner and governor of Montana, Samuel T. Hauser. Hauser Lake Village was the 5th village in Kootenai County and was officially incorporated on May 12, 1947.

Hauser Lake Today

Hauser is a quaint, growing community, north of Coeur d’Alene. There are currently 743 people living in Hauser which makes it the 105th largest city by population in Idaho. The lake spans 539 acres and is a local favorite for swimming and boating. Crystal-clear lakes, winding rivers, and wooded trails make for a vast, uncrowded playground with a myriad of opportunities for year-round recreation.

Things to do in Hauser Idaho

Hauser Lake Boat Launch has a grassy park, play structure and large blocked off swimming area, which makes it perfect for families with small children. The water in Hauser Lake is warmer than many lakes in the area so it is an ideal spot for water activities, kayaking and fishing.

Embers by the Lake is a great spot to enjoy a pizza and a beer with a beautiful view.


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