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North Idaho Water Companies

Looking for a local water utility company in North Idaho?  North Idaho water utilities can be a bit of a puzzle sometimes- there are so many! To add to that there are community systems, community wells, shared wells, and private wells. Each have their own pros and cons, and many have different policies. Please let us know if you have any questions about a specific property that you are considering.

Here they are, in alphabetical order. Links to their websites (if applicable) are coming soon! Please let us know if the company you are looking for isn’t here. We are happy to help!

North Idaho Water Companies:

Avondale Irrigation 208-772-5657

Bayview Water & Sewer 208-683-3948

City of Coeur d’Alene 208-769-2210

City of Post Falls 208-777-9857

Billing 208-777-4504

Dalton Water Association 208-772-5639

East Greenacres Irrigation District 208-773-7579

Green Ferry Water & Sewer 208-773-5510

Hayden Lake Irrigation District 208-772-2612

Honeysuckle Hill Owners 208-772-3605

Kootenai County Water District 208-667-0340

North Kootenai Water District 208-772-3619

Parkview Water Association 208-773-3984

Pinevilla Park Water 208-773-7650

Prairie Water 208-773-3223

Riverbend Water Company 208-773-6745

Ross Point Water District 208-773-1120

Sandpoint Public Works Department 208-265-1482

South River Water Association 208-773-1304

Springview Water Association 208-667-8283

Sunrise Terrace Water Association 208-772-9449

Troy Hoffman Water Association 208-765-8329

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