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Preparing to Sell

Getting Ready to Sell Your House

A few tips and tricks to make your house look its best for potential buyers.

First of all, no one is as happy as this guy when it comes to cleaning house. Secondly, just know that despite your efforts, your home is not for everyone – it has a very specific style, meant for a specific person. That being said, it only takes one person to like it and it can be sold (you buying it initially is evidence of that)!

Cleaning (Priority #1):

  • Clean the front door and front porch; it makes a good first impression, as agents and buyers spend time looking at it as they unlock the door.
  • De-clutter: clear your counters and home of anything that appears to be clutter – you want your home to be the star of the show, not your stuff! Look around after you’ve decluttered and then try to fill a couple more boxes.
  • Clean air vents, fan blades, and weird small things that may lead buyers to think the home isn’t well taken care of.
  • Remove or take care of anything that would distract the buyer; even if it’s not clutter, again, your home should be the star.
  • Remove pet waste daily (if you have pets and don’t already)
  • Remove personal photos, it allows the buyers to imagine themselves in the home.
  • Remove or hide valuables; it will give you peace of mind.
  • Make it smell fresh: change the furnace filter, turn on the fans, open the windows, and do not use excessive scents – it makes the buyer wonder what odor you’re trying to hide.
  • Make it sparkle by cleaning windows, sills, and lights; wipe everything down, mop, and vacuum.


  • Not all homes require repairs, look for anything that may be a safety concern.
  • Make sure heating, cooling, and any included appliances are all in working condition (or state that the home is being sold as is).


  • Not all homes should be remodeled. Talk to your realtor because you may not break even with the changes, or your personal tastes may not match those of potential buyers. Then again, it could be the change that gets you the price point you desire, so just ask your realtor’s opinion before you get in deep.

Maintaining Your Hard Work:

  • Try to eat on disposable dinnerware, so you don’t get stuck with smelly dishes in the sink during a showing.
  • Depending on the season, keep the lawn mowed (once a week) or shovel the walk ways immediately during the snowy months.

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